Does your website need an upgrade?  Does it look outdated? Is it failing to produce a good number of leads to grow your business?

At Duoplus, we build websites that look stunning AND generate leads and more sales for your business.

Effective websites are not just about a pretty design.  Many websites look nice, but are actually ineffective when it comes to helping businesses grow.

We have developed expertise in building websites that are truly effective in helping your business grow.


Hamilton Based with International Reach

We have built effective websites that have generated growth for businesses in Hamilton, in Waikato, nationwide and international.

Some of our clients include…

How to Stop Your New Website From Being Ineffective

Many people want a new website, but are then disappointed in the lack of results it brings.  This is usually because it was built by a web developer who understands code and design, but not marketing and business growth.

At Duoplus we approach websites from a marketing strategy approach.

We build sites and execute online marketing that helps businesses grow.

This requires understanding your business well and planning an overall strategy for each part of the marketing model, right from the start.  Each business and industry is slightly different, so we create a personalised recommendation for your business – an overall plan of attack for your online marketing that will give you a foundation for success.

“Build it and they will come” does not work for websites. Neither does, “When they come they will buy”. That’s why, if you want your website to help your business grow, it is important to get the overall strategy right.

Establishing this foundation is done through the Discovery Process.  It’s the essential first phase of planning your new website and is all about identifying clearly your business needs, target market, website requirements and overall online marketing strategy.

After the Discovery Process is complete when move into the Build Phase and Growth Phase for your website.

Why Many Web Designers Get The Order Wrong When Building New Sites

We find that many web developers build websites in the wrong order.  They build sites with dummy content and then ask the client to write and insert the real content. This means that the site is built from a code perspective instead of a marketing and business growth perspective. It also means that you need to then find the time to write the content for all the pages and go through and edit the website putting all of your content in.

Instead, here at Duoplus, we get the strategy right and then write the content before designing the site.  Marketing is what we do—so we can get the information we need from you and then write the content for your site.  Or if you’d like to write it yourself to save costs you can do this too.

Here’s a snapshot of the process we use for building websites:

Process for building websites - Duoplus

We find that approaching new websites in this order helps us achieve excellent results for our clients that increases your business sales and leads.